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CyclehackBerlin | GSA Surf Club

The most rewarding time for a designer is to see the work come alive, to see people experience what you have worked to establish and to see the impact it has on them. 
Two self-initiated projects illustrate the value of having an idea and working on it until the idea comes alive:

2018/19 I was leader of the team which organised CyclehackBerlin. It is a 48h Hackathon to break down the barriers to cycling locally. We hacked the way we organised the event and managed to bring it to life without a single penny being transferred.

In my final year at Glasgow School of Art, I co-founded the GSA Surf Club which offered students the opportunity to learn to surf and organised transport to catch waves along some of Scotland’s beautiful coastline. Five trips were organised within the first six months, with up to 24 happy faces at a time. The club ran for four years after my year graduated.

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